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Disband Or Reform? #ENDSARSNOW

SARS is a unit in the Nigerian police force and stands for Special Anti-Robbery Squad. Few people have pleasant things to say about SARS. "SARS is one of the Nigeria Police Force units that is saddled with the responsibility of fighting crime in the society; specifically, robbery and kidnapping. We examined the impact in two ways: positive and negative impact. From the positive point of view, SARS has reduced robbery and kidnapping to an extent, but unfortunately, people now use them as bodyguards to intimidate, suppress, and harass other people. From our findings, SARS tortures people mercilessly, extort, beat, kill, and jail people who are not forthcoming with their demands. We also discovered that most of them lack orientation on human relation, which is a big gap the Nigeria Police Force need to cover by re-orienting them." (Ogbette, Afamefuna & Idam, Macben & Olumide, Kareem. (2018). An Overview of the Impact of Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) in Nigeria. Vol8…

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